Massage Prices

Swedish body massage(50mins)
Full body massage with aromatherapy(60mins)
Back massage with aromatherapy(30mins)
Sandy’s luxury body scrub massage & shine(60mins)
Full body exfoliating(45mins)
Back cleanse(30mins)
Indian head neck & shoulder massage(25mins)

Full body massage

Massage! Revitalise your body.

A perfect treatment for muscular stress treatment. You get a relaxed and rejuvenated body within an hour.

Special massage

Massage Special treatments

Sandy’s luxury body scrub massage and shine

A luxury body massage will start with a scrub followed by a specialised massage uses precise, rhythmic hand movements and light pressure on the skin, which influences the direction and speed of lymphatic flow.

Hot stone body massage

A massage with hot stones tends to be more deeper massage a techniques specially aimed to relax the muscles as the main purpose is to increase oxygen flow to the muscles and aid the body to remove the build up of toxins.

Hot stone back massage

Benefits are same as above but is focused only on the back where most people carry their stains.

Full body exfoliating

Fox exfoliating we use Sea Salt which is very good for removal of dead skin leaves your skin more smooth and shiny.

Swedish body massage

This popular massage has relaxing and restoring effect on the body and mind stronger, longer, rhythmic strokes are used to promote health and well-being throughout the body.

Full body massage with aromatherapy

The powerfully healing massage begins with a short consultation from one of Sandy’s Beauty therapists. After assessing your needs, a unique blend of essential oils will be made especially for you to relax, sooth, recharge, destress or restore.

Back massage with aromatherapy

This massage is the same as above but focuses more on the back and alleviates soreness and leaves you feeling much more comfortable.

Back cleanse

Very relaxing deep cleansing treatment which includes scrub, steam, massage, blackhead removal and a calming mask, very effective for marks or spots.