Microblading Eyebrows (Tatooing Eyebrows)

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Threading! Removal of unwanted hair.

Eyebrows frame the eyes as hair frame the face. Microblading is a modern technique used to enhance and balance eyebrows. If you have thin eyebrows or do not have eyebrows at all, this could be the solution for you. People in the trade also call it eyebrow embroidery, micro stroking and Nano blading. This technique makes the most natural eyebrows compared to any other eyebrow enhancement technique. Talk to our trained technicians for your first consultation to test your skin and see if this treatment is suitable for you. Please have a look at image showing impact of“Microblading Eyebrows” before and after:

Full face threading

Eyebrows tattooing technique

Tattooing is a technique of implanting pigment in fine incisions in the skin. This technique may date back thousands of years, however, the trend towards using the technique for eyebrows become popular in recent years in UK and other advanced countries.

The process of manually depositing pigments casually in the upper region of the dermis is called Microblading. A pen like hand tool, composed with needles fused together in a linear grouping, is used to camouflage eyebrows. The diameter of these needles is extremely fine as compared the traditional tattooing needles. Increase or decrease in number of needles helps with control over discomfort from the treatment of drawing cosmetic tattoos.

Benefits of Microblading

  • Microblading gives a desired shape, and even out eyebrows to disguise any differences
  • Eyebrow tattooing helps to fill up the gaps and increase the thickness of eyebrws
  • Cosmetiv eyebrows provide a desired style and natural appearance

Eyebrow Microblading treatment

It is a three-stage treatment.

  • Consultation, skin test and pigment colour matching
  • Design the eyebrows for shape, size and style
  • A microblading session to camouflage missing eyebrow hairs by using 'feather touch'
  • Optional, sometimes it is needed to enhance more if eyebrows are totally missing from the face

After care of microblading area

It takes some days to heal after microblading treatment. Please make sure, you strictly follow the following instructions:

  1. Rinse gently with a natural ph unscented soap and warm water. Dry the area with the clean cotton pad and reapply a very thin layer of the aftercare card after an hour of the treatment. Repeat this procedure every hour for first day before you sleep. Do not allow the area to get wet for the next 7 days (other than the post care cleansing process)
  2. Apply the ointment for a minimum of 4 times a day; you can apply up to 7 times as per your skin conditions
  3. You can apply saranwrap to protect your eyebrows from over drying
  4. Maintain facial hygiene and apply the cream after washing and drying the microblading eyebrow area

Precautions after Microblading

Microblading scratches the top layer of the skin to pigment the colour in the skin. Due to the scratches on the skin, it become sensitives for a few days. Therefore, please do not do the following:

  • Any laser or chemical treatments and/or peels
  • Applyication of any makeup on the area
  • Application of creams or cosmetics such as (Creams containing Retin-A or Glycolic acid) except post-treatment care
  • Picking, peeling, scratching the micro bladed areas
  • Micro-dermabrasions
  • Use of fruit acids
  • Light therapies
  • Use of exfoliator
  • Sunbathing and tanning beds
  • Hot sauna, hot bath or Jacuzzi
  • Tweezing or facial waxing
  • Swimming
  • Sweating
  • Hormonal therapies
  • Facials of any kind
  • All gym activities
  • Drinking alcohol in excess, as it may lead to slow healing of wounds