Brazilian Waxing

Waxing for Ladies

Hot Waxing Prices    

Under arm / bikini line(15mins)
Deep bikini line(15mins)
Upper lip(30mins)
Lower lip
Chin only(30mins)
Full face(30mins)

Strip Waxing Prices

Face Waxing Prices    

Upper lip(10mins)
Lower lip(10mins)
Chin only(10mins)
Full face(30mins)

Arms & Legs Waxing Prices    

Body Waxing Prices    


Waxing whilst relaxing with us!

Whether the sun is out at home or you're going on holiday or going out for a special occasion - we all know it's best to get your body waxing done in good time to feel great for that special occasion! It is a great way to get rid over unwanted hairs. The hairs are removed from the roots so their gowth slows down as compared to shaving.

Full leg strip waxing

Why we need waxing

Some of us consider a waxing appointment for the aesthetic look but all of us like it more for hygiene reasons! It's even said that with regular waxing treatments your hair growth reduces and could even be removed permanently; as with waxing you actually remove the root of the hair.

Of course you can use a razor, but with our strip waxing and hot waxing treatments you can fully enjoy the smooth feeling of freshly waxed skin lasting around 3 to 4 weeks. Allowing you to focus on more important things before stepping out, like the latest box set or catching up with friends.

We typically welcome our regular customers to wax many areas of the body including legs, bikini, Brazilian to under and forearms. We also specialise in facial waxing which can be used to shape eyebrows and on the upper lip, chin and cheeks.

What happens in waxing process

If it's your first time then don't worry, as we are here to make sure you feel comfortable and can have your waxing done in 5 easy steps:

  1. Just call and book an appointment with us. When you come you will be welcomed and shown the salon before being guided to the treatment room to get comfortable and ready
  2. Your beauty therapist will then discuss with you the options available and suggest any alternatives. Any questions or concerns you have will be addressed before requesting you to lie down on a salon couch for specific treatment
  3. She will then heat up some wax and will apply the wax using a spatula onto a small section of your hair before covering with a strip of cloth
  4. After pressing down for a few seconds so the hair, wax and cloth hold firmly together she will gently hold your skin taut, as she pulls the strip away and repeats until the specific area is smooth and hairless
  5. She'll do a final closer check before applying cream to your skin and provide you with tips to help make sure your first waxing experience goes well leaving you feeling light, gentle and lustrously smooth!

Our team are here to advise and provide you with the right after care suggestions to make sure your waxing treatment goes well and we look forward to your next treatment.

Benefits of Waxing

No Skin Damage, Cuts and Scares of Cuts

Shaving may cause of cut to your skin. It is the biggest threat. In such case waxing avails a relaxed hair removal.

Fast and Convenient Process

Shaving takes a long time to complete and needs to be done regularly. As compared to shaving waxing is a quick process and the impact is longer.

Smooth Skin

Shaving may cause cuts and rashes where as waxing leaves smooth shiny skin.

Healthy Hair Growth

After every shave hairs faster and thicker where as by waxing hair growth slows down and thinner hairs grow.

Long Term Hair removal

Waxing removes hairs from roots. Hairs are removed from thier roots causes long lasting hair removal solution.

Painless Hair Removal

Shaver tools are used in shaving process. These tols are suitable for all body curves. So these causes some cuts and irritation on the skin. In case of waxing, it is just a liquid to apply on the area. So it easy to cover all curvy areas easily and with same effectiveness.

Includes full arm, full leg, under arm and bikini line
Includes full arm, full leg, under arm, bikini line, full stomach, full back, buttocks